Italian Cuisine: Is It All Just Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce?

There is a common belief that Italian Cuisine is all just spaghetti and tomato sauce. The truth is there is a lot more to Italian cuisine than spaghetti. As a matter of fact, when you enter an Italian restaurant, you will see a lot more items on the menu other than spaghetti. The looks on the menu items alone are going to make you a lot hungrier than you originally were because it is all about satisfying your taste buds in more ways than one. You look at the pizza choices and we all know that pizza became popular in Italy so it is safe to say all Italian restaurants have it. You will see classic flavors like Hawaiian, Vegetarian, Ham & Cheese, and Pepperoni. There are some new pizza flavors that have been added in recent years like cheeseburger and seafood. It is all about what you are craving for as all those things are pretty good when you come to think of it. Pizza is a popular dish all over the world as there are plenty of pizza-themed restaurants that deliver as they know this is something that would satisfy pretty big groups, especially during big events. Some would like to eat pizza with lots of hot sauce and you can’t blame them for doing so.

When it comes to Italian cuisine, you can think of all the pasta choices. Other than spaghetti, you would also have carbonara, lasagna, and even pesto. All these pasta choices come with freshly toasted bread. At first, it does not seem like you will get full with it but once you finish it, the pasta dish is actually a bit heavy. There are even some kids’ choices that have far smaller portions as we all know how kids don’t often finish their food. Calzones are also a popular Italian food staple and it is bread filled with lots of toppings inside. You won’t see the toppings from the outside but when you look at it from the inside then you will find out there are a lot more yummy toppings than you originally thought.

When you even think of spaghetti in Italian cuisine, it may not even be enough to satisfy you. Surely, you would want to add meat to it like chicken for it to taste a lot better than you originally thought. For the health freaks, there is also salad to keep you company. There are plenty of Italian salad choices that would just keep you craving for it after a few days of trying it out. There is a good reason why there are just too many good Italian chefs who are good at making new Italian dishes all the time. You know they are here to please us when we need it the most. Add that to the variety of soup choices as there is always a bunch of appetizer options at Italian cuisines. These dishes are here to prepare us for the hearty appetizing main course.