Factory Place Hospitality

The FactoryPlaceHospitalityGroup was founded by Matteo Ferdinandi in March 2013, with the company’s debut of their first restaurant, The Factory Kitchen, in Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District in late October 2013. 

Executive Chef and Business Partner, Angelo Auriana, joined Ferdinandi and his wife, Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi in August 2013 right before the opening of The Factory Kitchen. The restaurant was such an immediate success that drove the team to work at the initianal stages of their Officine BRERA concept, that opened in February 2016. 

Matteo & Angelo's aim, passion and responsibility is to portray the Classic Local Italian Recipes and create Unique Concepts that reflect the Territory and Traditions of the Italian People in comfortable ambiances with a knowledgeable and down-to-earth service.

Chef Angelo Auriana is one of the most acclaimed and influential Chefs on the West Coast, beyond his dazzling technical skills and his unparalled knowledge of Italian food, he understands proportion and contrast, he consistently provides some of the best Italian Food in America, as critics both in the US and Italy have frequently noted through the years and lately our very own Jonathan Gold in his Los Angeles Times Officine BRERA review in March 2016.

Matteo Ferdinandi's natural talent for Hospitality along with his life long career of exposure and collaboration with some of the most prominent Chefs and Restaurant Operators in the United States, are the foundations for his strong leadership and operational skills that drive the group.

While the three partners have different tasks within the company, they collectively strive for perfection in all aspects of the business, challenging one another and combining their collective talents into consistent operational excellence.

The FactoryPlaceHospitalityGroup employees have unmatched talents driven by passion and strive for perfection in both culinary art and service. Ferdinandi is grateful for his team, stating “we feel blessed by the variety of people that are part of our family and we continue to provide them with a challenging and educational, yet, fulfilling work environment.”

The FactoryPlaceHospitalityGroup's new upcoming culinary venture Pizzeria BRERA is slated to open during the first quarter of 2017, located in the same building as Officine BRERA, this casual Pizzeria is inspired by the Partenopean Region around Naples, its focus is about the uniqueness and versatility of the authentic Southern Italian recipes that include not only Pizza but also Hard Durum Wheat Pasta and other classics.

The space will also be available for Officine BRERA larger Private Events.

Ferdinandi is also working at the initial stages to bring The Factory Kitchen in other locations outside the State of California.