About Us

Officine BRERA is a TRATTORIA inspired by the -Cucina Povera- typical of the countryside along the River Po’ Valley in Northern Italy where both Partners Chef Angelo Auriana and Matteo Ferdinandi grew up and have fond memories  of hearty meals shared with family and friends.

The menu at Officine BRERA displays Chef Auriana’s view on authentic Italian flavors while incorporating his professionalism, personality, experience and intuition into the dishes he creates. At Officine BRERA, Chef Auriana has taken traditional recipes from his heritage and made them accessible to the American public combining contemporary techniques with traditions, Chef Auriana always makes sure to stay true to his Italian lineage by using locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

Ferdinandi’s passion for excellence in service is something that he and the Officine BRERA team consistently strive for, while always showing their guests respect and generosity.

Matteo Ferdinandi

Hailing from Chioggia, a fishing port island south of Venice, Italy, Matteo Ferdinandi is the Founder and CEO of Factory Place Hospitality Group.

Introduced to the food industry at a young age with his family bakery and hotel in his hometown, Ferdinandi started off in a much different direction pursuing a career as a civil engineer. While attending school, Ferdinandi spent summers in England to improve his English. It was in the summer of 1986, when he began working at an Italian restaurant in Mayfair preparing salads as a way to earn pocket money.

After finding his way into the kitchen, Ferdinandi left behind his civil engineering studies to become a member of the food and beverage industry. He credits the mathematics and design courses he took in school for his successful career now as a restaurateur, helping him understand both the financial, operational and design aspects of the business. 

Prior to starting Factory Place Hospitality Group in March 2013 with Friend and Partner Angelo Auriana, Matteo worked for several notable restaurants including Wolfgang Puck’s Spago and CUT in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Factory Place Hospitality Group’s first restaurant venture, The Factory Kitchen opened in October 2013 was a instant-success, introducing Angelenos to authentic Italian cuisine in a casual yet sophisticated setting.

Officine BRERA opened on February 5th, 2016 and in his March 25th, 2016 article for the Los Angeles Times, Food Critic Jonathan Gold, called it -The Grand, Serious Restaurant L.A. has been Yearning for-.

Ever since, Officine BRERA has been receiving accolades from Food Critics and alikes from around the nation. 

When he is not managing FactoryPlaceHospitalityGroup or working on his next concept, Ferdinandi enjoys exploring his neighborhood as well as living an active lifestyle with his wife Francine.

Angelo Auriana

Growing up in Bergamo, Italy at a time when restaurant dining was not as common as it is today, Executive Chef Angelo Auriana would look forward to the special occasions where he could attend business lunches and dinners with his father. When his father asked what he wanted to do when he grew up, Chef Auriana said with conviction that he was going to become a chef. Pursuing his dream, Chef Auriana attended the San Pellegrino Hotel School and graduated with honors at the age of 17.

The defining moment of Chef Auriana’s culinary career was several years later in 1982, when he was asked to open a restaurant in Italy. Shortly after, with his sights set on the United States and popularity of Miami Vice, Chef Auriana’s next move was to Florida where he began working at Stefano’s, an Italian restaurant.

Looking for other opportunities, Chef Auriana moved to Los Angles in 1984 where he worked at an Italian tapas style restaurant on Pico Boulevard for nine months before joining fellow Italian and restaurateur Piero Selvaggio.  After 18 years as executive chef at Selvaggio’s Valentino Ristorante, Chef Auriana ventured to Lake Tahoe where he opened his own restaurant in 2003.  Two years later he found himself working at Farina in San Francisco’s Marina District before landing back in Los Angeles in 2013 to partner up with Matteo and Francine Ferdinandi for the opening of The Factory Kitchen.

Following the success of The Factory Kitchen, Chef Auriana and Matteo Ferdinandi began to develop officine BRERA, a new restaurant the two had started conceptualizing back in 2012.

As part of Factory Place Hospitality Group, Chef Auriana is responsible for the culinary development and kitchen design of both restaurants. He also works alongside Ferdinandi on all other operational aspects.

Chef Auriana’s inspiration in the kitchen comes from the heart, drawing from his Italian roots and the flavors and presentation of Northern Italy. Chef Auriana has received a diploma from the mayor of his hometown, recognizing the impact of his culinary pursuits in the United States, and how he has helped share Bergamo’s culture and traditions through his food. Auriana is also an avid wine collector, with a personal collection that originated in 1985.

Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi

Francine Diamond Ferdinandi has always had a passion for wine.  As a Wine & Spirit Education Trust diploma holder and certified Sommelier by the Court Master Sommeliers, Ferdinandi has grown her passion for wine into a flourishing career over the past 12 years.

A native of Quebec, Canada, Ferdinandi attended Cégep de Trois-Riviéres where she earned a degree in Human Sciences. In 2003, Ferdinandi relocated to Las Vegas to learn more about wine and cheese. There she assisted Luis De Santos with the wine program at Wolfgang Puck’s five Las Vegas restaurants before moving to Spago in Beverly Hills in 2005. While working as a server at Spago, Ferdinandi put her newfound sommelier skills to use as she started making her own wine suggestions to guests.

In July of 2007, Ferdinandi opened her own café and wine bar, Froma on Melrose, where she hosted various events from wine tastings, to wine and cheese pairings as well as beer and cheese pairings. In 2013 along with her husband, Matteo Ferdinandi and her business partner Chef Angelo Auriana, she opened The Factory Kitchen. After a successful nine year run, Froma on Melrose was sold in July 2015 to allow Diamond-Ferdinandi to focus on her new restaurant and business venture, officine BRERA and the upcoming Pizzeria BRERA.

When she’s not recommending, buying, tasting and dealing with wines , Diamond - Ferdinandi enjoys spending time outdoors biking, hiking and running with her Husband Matteo.


The FactoryPlaceHospitalityGroup was founded by Matteo Ferdinandi in March 2013, with the company’s debut of their first restaurant, The Factory Kitchen, in Downtown Los Angeles’ Arts District in late October 2013. 

Executive Chef and Business Partner, Angelo Auriana, joined Ferdinandi and his wife, Francine Diamond-Ferdinandi in August 2013 right before the opening of The Factory Kitchen. The restaurant was such an immediate success that drove the team to work at the initial stages of Officine BRERA, that opened in February 2016. 

Matteo & Angelo's aim, passion and responsibility is to portray the Classic Local Italian Recipes and create Unique Concepts that reflect the Territory and Traditions of the Italian People in comfortable ambiances with a knowledgeable and down-to-earth service.

Chef Angelo Auriana is one of the most acclaimed and influential Chefs on the West Coast, beyond his dazzling technical skills and his unparalleled knowledge of Italian food, he understands proportion and contrast, he consistently provides some of the best Italian Food in America, as critics both in the US and Italy have frequently noted through the years and lately our very own Jonathan Gold in his Los Angeles Times’ Officine BRERA review in March 2016.

Matteo Ferdinandi's natural talent for hospitality along with his life long career of exposure and collaboration with some of the most prominent Chefs and Restaurant Operators in the United States, are the foundations for his strong leadership and operational skills that drive the group.

While the three partners have different tasks within the company, they collectively strive for perfection in all aspects of the business, challenging one another and combining their collective talents into consistent operational excellence.

The FactoryPlaceHospitalityGroup employees have unmatched talents driven by passion and strive for perfection in both culinary art and service. Ferdinandi is grateful for his team, stating “we feel blessed by the variety of people that are part of our family and we continue to provide them with a challenging and educational, yet, fulfilling work environment.”

The FactoryPlaceHospitalityGroup's new upcoming culinary venture sixth+mill is under construction slated to open in January 2018, this casual Pizzeria is inspired by the Southern Italian Regions, its focus is about the uniqueness and versatility of the authentic recipes that include not only Pizza but also Hard Durum Wheat Pasta and other classics.

Ferdinandi is also working at the initial stages to bring The Factory Kitchen to the Las Vegas Strip.